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Our bloodstock has been carefully selected to represent athletic ability, trainable dispositions, and Foundation breeding!
Our horses will work for you in the arena, on the trail, around the ranch, and in the show pen!

All-Around Use-Ability!

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The Stallions of Whinny Farms

Whinny Farms' stallions are performance-bred!


 The Broodmares of Whinny Farms

Our broodmares cover every performance arena!


Horse & Rider Training at Whinny Farms

We Put A "Foundation Education" on every horse we train!

Home of the "Foundation Education" Training program!

Horses for Sale!

Top quality prospects - bred to perform and look good doing it!




Whinny Farms' bred "Classic Dingo's"

"Got Ears?"

Home of the Classic Dingo!


Additional Services!

Boarding: Outdoor Paddocks or Indoor Barn Stalls (Indoor Riding Arena)

Medical: Lay-ups for horses requiring daily care

Prenatal and Postfoaling Care

Parasite Diagnosis: for "Target Worming"

"FREE" Magazine distribution from 5 Western States!

WebSite Construction & Maintenance

Horse & Livestock Hauling - Hay, Feed & Seed Hauling

We Specialize in a "Balanced Barefoot Trim"

Equine Photography "Photos by Kandy"

And even more....

Equine Reproduction

Safe breeding environment!

Photos By Kandy

Capture the moment!

Digital Imaging Services Available!

Only $25-per cutout! (emailed)

Frameable Prints $10.00 for 5x7 or $15.00 for 8x10


"With an eye to the future!"

                                                        Photos by Kandy




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